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The top 10 comfort level Nike


Mercurial Vapor XI AG football




If you've ever tried Vapor X, the first thing you notice is the shoeless tongue design.However, in order to get the best fit, we always make adjustments by rearranging that part like a shoe tongue.The tongue can bend up before the second shoe LACES are empty, making it easier to wear shoes.Once you put it on, you'll notice that the shoe tongue is made of a synthetic material that is very elastic, perfectly fit, and not overly stretched.The design requirement of this part is to provide one - to - one fit.But without the tongue, it means that you have a small, wide foot and may have some difficulty in wearing shoes.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG

The lining and the upper are so thin that if you touch it, you can clearly feel the Ribs lining on the outside of the upper.After the upper foot, the thin and soft Teijin synthetic material wraps around the foot.Nike also added a little padding in the heel to keep it comfortable.In the process of fitting, we were surprised at how quickly a pair of non-woven, leather soccer shoes began to feel good.

While it may not be possible to race straight out of the box, after a few simple adaptations, the shoe fits perfectly.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG

We really like the feeling of Vapor XI becoming a natural extension of the feet, and Nike seems to be working on it.

According to them, they used a brand new last to fit the natural curve of the foot.This makes the big toe slightly higher, increasing flexibility.Of course, these flashy introductions come down to the bottom line, and the fit is truly fantastic.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG

If you love Vapor X, or are still watching or waiting for the return of Nike's most legendary franchise, now is the time.

The former Vapor is undoubtedly full of history, but this new Vapor will create its own history.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG

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